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I started online in 1996, an IRC diva. It was a lot of fun. I had taken Corporate Communications at college, a two year course. The free style and creativity of web publishing appealed to me, long before weblogs became popular.

I started creating ASCII art online in 1998.  I was a regular in the ASCII art newsgroups for a couple of years.

In 2010 I took up ASCII art again. This site was created (as an idea) during that time. But, I let the idea simmer while I decided what I really wanted to create and what I wanted to get back from it. I've been online long enough to know you can't escape burn out if you don't make sure you are getting something back for the passion you put into your work.

About the ASCII Artist Blog:



Please respect the artist. Leave the artist initials (mine are ldb) on each of the images.

The ASCII art is distributed for free but do not claim it as your own - this includes selling it for money.  If you use the ASCII art and get paid for it you are using it as if it were your own art. It is not your art.

Thank you, enjoy the ASCII art.

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