I started uploading Halloween ASCII art to the shop on Zazzle. I soon discovered long art, like this one, does not work well on most items/ products. So, I will work on making things taller instead. But, for the Halloween village, longer is still the best. Like most things, having a shop is a learn as you go thing.
Found this posted on a PhotoBucket account. Artist seems to be Rose Cao, using "|2C" as her artist initials/ mark. The lily needs to be fixed up with a fresh screen shot. (This is how it was posted on the site). Most of the ASCII art does not have artist initials but as I looked farther I did find them.
Emoticons leading to a dedicated signature. Using emoticons (text smileys) to create a character, Sigmund Freud, in this case.  A new way to use emoticons. This isn't something they could do so well with emojis.
Using and combining typographic elements in a sketch evoking a famous portrait is a form of optical illusion, the one we called "smiley" born under the tight limits of the ASCII characters in the infancy years and games of personal computing, which lent to smile through the sense of misappropriation, often vertical to horizontal that it conveyed, (and characterized as an art form during a bygone era: the smiley today have become a very compact micro animated representation inserted throughout the text, with the development of computer science).
Original link - Large collection of ASCII art. Still waiting for the dragon section to finish loading! (My original note when I found this in 2004). There is  big collection but it's not available without using the Wayback Machine now. I had contributed some of my own art here and it is still there. (Tends to happen on sites that wander off into never never land). Too bad. But, change is good too, sometimes.
Source - Yesterdays Print -  St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Missouri, August 23, 1896.
I noticed this in an old LiveJournal post. Source: со «Свалки»
Found on a long gone ASCII collection with the Wayback Machine. A real shame the artist is unknown. I like architecture/ buildings in ASCII art and especially something old, done well.