Source: :F_P: There are a lot of them but each file I looked at had the text a little out of place. A shame because even if I (or someone) went through and fixed each one they may not be right by the original. Sometimes it's just a guess, even if it is an educated guess.
I don't know who made it originally. Found through the Wayback Machine today. Source: Lock Ness Monster - ASCII Art
Source: Twitter
Input is a typeface for code, designed by David Jonathan Ross and released by Font Bureau.
Source: Input: Fonts for Code Why do we use fonts not designed for readers? Fancy fonts are nice for creating images with text or using as titles and headers. Think about the fonts book publishers have been using for generations of books and people.

It seems a better reading font is required.

Mashable: Why your Email Font is Ruining your Life Fast Co: There's Finally a Modern Typeface for Programmers I'm hoping this brings back the ASCII art fonts, or better versions of them. My favourite is still FixedSys partly because I know how it will work and partly because it shows up bold rather than thin and faded.
Likely a new site. It would/ will be better as they add a variety of shrug emoticons. Source: Shruggie! Copy and Paste the Shrug Emoticon.   
lo-fi science. Source: Ascii Graffiti « GOTO8O