Receipt Bot is an ASCII art photo booth that prints on receipt paper. Each bot comes with different coloured eyes – red, blue or green. You walk up to it and press the big button, and when you do, its eyes flash like crazy and it prints out your face, ASCII-fied on a receipt.
via My side project is an ASCII art photo booth | Web design | Creative Bloq.
I'm just waiting for  to take off as the next big hashtag thing on Twitter.
Found at Teespring.
I found these two ASCII art shirts on Zazzle tonight. I'm going to copy the idea but add more detail. This could work for far more than a dress shirt. I could make a lot of different costume type of shirts. Source: ASCII Button-up Shirt Idea
I'm going to try making this plaid tree in ASCII art. The plaid pattern is something different for me to try. I wanted to do a maple leaf with plaid for Canada Day but I didn't get it even started in time. Maybe I will get farther with this in time for Christmas. The image I have cut and pasted from a shop on Etsy. It is a downloadable file there.
Before I read the post I thought it was going to be about trying different fonts for ASCII art. I still like my version. I can imagine making the same one line text art using endless varieties of fonts and then picking the best from them. It would make an interesting project, maybe just a bit too time consuming.
Source: 13 Killer Halloween Cat Pumpkins - Mousebreath Magazine I saved this image last year with the plan to make something like it in ASCII art. Maybe I'll get it done this year. Time creeps up.