via - ASCII art from FOLDOC. At least twice now I have seen someone call this use of ASCII art, boxology. I have just been calling it ASCII art diagrams or maps. Boxology is less to type but maybe more complicated if you have not heard of it before.
Found on a free wallpaper site. This is an image I may work on for this Halloween, or next if I run out of time for this year. Only a few days left! I will probably skip the candles but I love the image of the spider on the Jack-O-Lantern.
ASCII Tricks for Google Chrome Users | Cool Text Art 4 U. This is an image I took with screen capture. Go to the site to see the trick in action.
Debbie Travis Large Blue Intricate Snowflake Ornament. I really like the design of this snowflake ornament. Snowflakes are tricky to work out in ASCII art. It's very difficult to keep all the stems of the flake the same from top to bottom and even left to right when there are six stems meant to be identical. I'd like to take this on as a project, but it is something which will need a lot of patience.
Now and then if you look at the source code (the HTML code) of websites you can find ASCII art. Its like a secret surprise for those who dig a little deeper.  Have a look at - ASCII Art Signatures in the Wild. You can add ASCII art to the source code for your own site or blog. Choose the ASCII art you want to use. Make your own ASCII art or borrow art created by someone else. (Don't forget to keep the artist credit/ initials with the work). Open the source file in a text editor. Notepad (the software which comes with Windows) will work. Pick the place you will add the ASCII art - make sure you don't break the HTML code because that would mess up your site. You need to add some simple HTML code before and after the ASCII art. This code prevents your ASCII art from showing on the page - instead it is like a note you have left to yourself in the code. Only people looking at the actual HTML code can see what you place in this particular HTML code. Then save the file and close it. ASCII art found: Welcome shares the code for adding a "Welcome" to the HTML code of your site.
I found a blog posting ASCII art in small text files, cleanly. Quite a nice achievement. I took a look at the code and copied it, but it did not work the same way for me. So, I am looking into it. There may be more to the code than shows on the blog post HTML code. Or, I will see if I can find a way to post a plain text file embedded in the post.