Illustration and Art

An incremental RPG called Space Lich Omega 2 where you must defeat the awful lich created by Zertuk / Justin Forcier. Inspired by Candybox by aniwey.
Source: Space Lich Omega 2 I especially like the character art. Not a long RPG, you could finish in one day (unless you leave the game to collect gold for you and come back the next day to massively level up). There is a Space Lich Omega 1. Just looking at the landing page and I'm already looking forward to see more of the ASCII art there too.
A. Hart continues the grand tradition of Pacer ASCII art with this masterpiece. Submitted 1 August 2000.Source: hart.gif (565×223) I found this online awhile ago. I tried to find the artist but didn't get far. Not visual poetry but nice work as text art.
Source: ASCII DRAGON by Rthecreator on DeviantArt
Like ANSI art. Something to look for more of. [embed][/embed]
[embed][/embed] I posted about micrography once before. Pretty sure the first time I found a mention of it was also from Rachel's Tumblr site.
>Source: Inn Situ: Feast (Henry Smith) | ECKOVISION