Related Art Styles

oiDorisGreetingcards Typewriter art shop on Etsy. From the Etsy shop I only know Doris is from northern England, UK.
Source: View Typewriter ASCII cards by guimon on Etsy I like them. I wonder if he will work on adding more colours. But, likely hard (very hard) to find anyone making fancier coloured typewriter ribbons. I do wonder what typewriter artists will do when the last ribbon dries up.
Rosaire J. Belanger (date of birth unknown - deceased, 1989).  Not much known about him and there isn't much of his art still around. If not for this mention in Popular Science from 1939 would anyone know about his art at all? Source: Popular Science
I've begun to see collections of emoji art on Twitter. All in the theme of tiny something. So far, my favourite are the tiny cityscapes. I think it began with tiny star fields. Others have given tiny star fields credit for their own inspiration. Source: ⋆✵tiny star fields✵⋆ (@tiny_star_field) | Twitter
Japanese women in ANSI art by Yahoo.
Source: Nadine Faye James, Illustrator
And more analog artwork from the typewriter of Nadine Faye James <:') Nadine does typewriter portraits while you wait. Source: Letterology: The Magic of ASCII