Finished a bit late for the date, but here it is. I feel there should be cheese.

Trying another design from a pattern in a necklace online. I am fairly sure this has already been done by others in ASCII art. I was hoping to get a poinsettia from working on this. No luck so far.
A new snowflake, inspired by a necklace I noticed online tonight. It started out as a simple pattern with the branches like a Y and a six sided shape in the middle. I wanted to make it look better balanced.
Poppy wreaths for Remembrance Day.  
New for 2018. I did reuse my favourite jack-o-lantern from years ago. Looking at it now, I think it would be better with a much bigger jack-o-lantern to make the kitten appear smaller. Maybe later. The kitten's head took a long time to get done. Inspired by an image (often posted at Halloween) of a little, sweet looking, black kitten with black wings and tiny fangs.
I've made a garden gnome before. This may look just like it for all I know. I didn't check the old one yet. It's not really what I saw in my head when I started. I will most likely try it again.