I posted this awhile ago but it became lost in moving content around. 
Inspired from the Roku screensaver.
The dove's wings are a mess. I got to the point where I was only making it worse.
Even though my 'ldb' is still included the poster on this site gave credit to another artist, mistakenly. It happens when someone is a little careless, or not careful enough. From there it moves on in time and the original artist is unclear and very likely it will end up posted by 'anonymous' artist because that's easier than trying to find the original artist. It must happen this way for all kinds of art. In time it is impossible to know who created anything. The individual is lost but, it is nice, that their creations remain.
Originally, I published this on HubPages. But, due to their rules I have decided not to post any of my own ASCII art there now. (They don't want any watermarks or other artist credits on the image). So, here for posterity, if nothing else, is that post from 08/25/11.
I began making my own ASCII Art in 1998 on Usenet. We had a good group of ASCII artists and those who just enjoyed seeing the creations on alt.ascii-art. You can still read the old newsgroups, now part of Google Groups. I don't remember what my very first ASCII art creation was. I know it was disappointing. I wanted to create something beautiful and elegant. Instead it was choppy looking and clunky. But, I didn't give up. Thanks to the others in the group who didn't let me think I couldn't do it. After awhile I began making ASCII art dragons. These were not big dragons and they were not quite the dragons I wanted to create. I had planned to make more of them but, life changes and the ASCII art dragons got left on a back burner. I may yet work on finishing them. I had planned to create ASCII art dragons for each holiday, at least one a month.