Used the same basic animal to adapt it to become other animals typically in urban areas. You could keep going and make a rat, mouse and others.
Just made this raccoon this afternoon. Putting him in the trash can made it work for me. I don't like making bodies if I can avoid it.
I came across this flappy dragon today while working on an another unrelated ASCII.  I was hoping it would turn out better in ASCII. The body shape is ok. The face is too small for it. Wings are always tricky and I never get them quite right. But, I can try again another day. Source: Flappy Dragon Sprite Sheets | OpenGameArt.org
Here is the logo I have finished working on for Fur-eSports. Below are some trial and error versions I had this morning. I'm working on a logo for Fur-eSports but so far my "e" looks more like a basket of fruit than a paw print. I gave up on having it to the side. The toes just won't work. Unless someone has a great diddle/ tweak. I'm going for a coffee break and see if I come back with fresh inspiration. Source: Fur-eSports