Here is the logo I have finished working on for Fur-eSports. Below are some trial and error versions I had this morning. I'm working on a logo for Fur-eSports but so far my "e" looks more like a basket of fruit than a paw print. I gave up on having it to the side. The toes just won't work. Unless someone has a great diddle/ tweak. I'm going for a coffee break and see if I come back with fresh inspiration. Source: Fur-eSports
I don't have a pet shrimp and I've rarely seen one with the head still attached. (I'm not that fond of shrimp as seafood, or pets).  I created this shrimp for a request. No guarantee about correct anatomy and the number of legs especially.
Danbo is a little cardboard robot. Often shown as lonely and alone in the world. I bought a Danbo figure to have fun posing for photographs but I haven't gotten started. Here he is in ASCII art though. I wanted to work on a frog but Danbo inspired me to put the frog into the art with him, and the flies.
Try a few yourself.
Not exactly how I wanted it but, when is it ever an exact science in art. I worked the spines in along the back and some on the head. I could pick on the tail too but overall it turned out quite well. See it made into colour by Mistigris.
I got the idea to make ASCII art avatars today. But, so far I've found it harder than expected. To give me room to add features I would need to make them bigger. I usually make small things. Here are two I made from my original ASCII girl avatar. (A nurse and a librarian or school teacher). But, I couldn't make any changes to her face, like adding eyeglasses. If she were horizontal the 8 would be great but... she isn't. So back to the drawing board on the avatar idea.