The snowmen are long melted here. Mostly washed away by the rain. I wish it had been a better winter, with more snow. Milder winters seem sad, like we spend all this time talking about the weather, giving it a build up and then... it sputters along and turns into Spring without hardly getting started. I think the snowmen (snow people) would agree.
>This week the topic for Illustration Friday is Dragon. I haven't created a new dragon for awhile.  
Have a green eggs and ham breakfast with a side of Irish coffee.
My best efforts at making Wapuu, the WordPress character, in ASCII art. This was after a lot of fiddling. I had a face I liked much better but I took it out to try to make the shape right. Of course, that messed it all up and then I ended up with this face. Still good but I think my first face was cuter. I know it isn't exactly right. I had to pose it on a different angle and I like the ears this way (they also worked out much better because they don't look like big warts on its head instead of ears). I was inspired to work on this today because I just noticed this on my WordPress.com account. Posted sometime last year. 
April is the month the Canadian Cancer Society has their daffodil campaign for donations. I made this daffodil pin in ASCII art. (Sent it to the Society, will see if I get a reply). Addendum: No reply from the Cancer Society. A bit disappointing but... they wouldn't know how much trial and error I went through to get those daffodil petals to look like 6 pointed petals and not too greatly resemble a pinwheel.