I started at Ello tonight. I could have made it bigger but then the letters wouldn't have worked so well as eyes.
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I was going to be good and create something new each day, my own Project 365. But, by day three I lost ground and now it is day 15 and I am lagging pretty far behind the goal of posting daily. But, because this is my own site and I can do things my own way... I am just going to go ahead and post some art I have made previously and see if I can catch up. Maybe then I can pretend the lag never happened and just go ahead and post every day. Yes, and some day my Prince will come too. But, it's worth a try.
This was originally posted on HubPages. I moved it when it was shuffled off into the sidelines.  I've wanted to make my own ASCII art lighthouse for ages. But, there were other things on my list which got done first. Today I decided to settle in and work on the lighthouse. I think it turned out quite well. Lighthouses are legendary as lonely outposts. I know there are people who collect lighthouses in paintings, sculptures and other forms of illustration/ art. I always wonder if these people are as lonely as all their lighthouses make them seem. I hope not. Of course, anything lonely is also isolated in one way or another. I prefer art with lighthouses which have houses attached or nearby. I really like the addition of boats, ships, birds, everything and anything likely to be around a lighthouse. it makes the lighthouse look less lonely. The real purpose of a lighthouse is to be strong, not isolated. They mark the dangerous areas on the water so ships will avoid them. The lighthouse braves the elements every season for years and stands high and tall, showing the dangers and keeping people safe.

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