I noticed a missed line on the second ghost. Fixed it on my good copy (text file) but left this screen capture as-is here. Did anyone even notice it?
An ASCII art doodle for Halloween.
I've been working on a shark for awhile. It was difficult to get the curves and straights to flow into each other and not having it look more like a dolphin than a shark. I like this as an end result. Perfect? No, but its pretty good. A tribute to our Canadian filmmaker, Rob Stewart. Sharkwater Extinction - Rob Stewart
Some days a song just gets stuck in your head. This has been on my mind a few days.
I haven't decided what they should be yet.
It's confusing looking but it needs to be bigger than stick figure sized to make it work out better. At least that is my conclusion for tonight.
I didn't find more than one betta fish group in Canada when I was fixing up the category at Curlie. But, it inspired me to create a betta fish in ASCII art. We used to have them when I was a kid. They looked so sad (near death) in the pet stores. They didn't live to an old age in our fish tank but at least they had more fish for company and they looked a lot healthier.