I will get them added to the greeting cards and the text gallery. Here they are for tonight, putting them up before I give in to sleep.  A magazine asked for these, offered to pay, but didn't, so I'm not naming them here.
Created in 1998, when I was just getting into the ASCII Art newsgroup, this was the first ASCII art picture I finished. I thought it wasn't too bad. But I didn't like it. Other people in the group at the time, like Joan Stark, were making much better art. I remember many others but unless you were there at the time you won't know them. Take a look at my ASCII art now. I've been working on an ASCII Art Greetings site tonight. Over 125 images uploaded and sorted into categories so far. Still many others to be added. All of them are my own work.
I made these robots as illustrations for a wellness journal to be published by a local non-profit health centre.
A pair of aliens in a spaceship. Very science fiction based.