New for 2018. I did reuse my favourite jack-o-lantern from years ago. Looking at it now, I think it would be better with a much bigger jack-o-lantern to make the kitten appear smaller. Maybe later. The kitten's head took a long time to get done. Inspired by an image (often posted at Halloween) of a little, sweet looking, black kitten with black wings and tiny fangs.
I've made a garden gnome before. This may look just like it for all I know. I didn't check the old one yet. It's not really what I saw in my head when I started. I will most likely try it again.
I noticed a missed line on the second ghost. Fixed it on my good copy (text file) but left this screen capture as-is here. Did anyone even notice it?
An ASCII art doodle for Halloween.
I've been working on a shark for awhile. It was difficult to get the curves and straights to flow into each other and not having it look more like a dolphin than a shark. I like this as an end result. Perfect? No, but its pretty good. A tribute to our Canadian filmmaker, Rob Stewart. Sharkwater Extinction - Rob Stewart
Some days a song just gets stuck in your head. This has been on my mind a few days.
I haven't decided what they should be yet.