One downside of creating ASCII art is the lack of colour. We type it into plain text and plain text comes out black on white. It's pretty plain that way. For most ASCII art that is fine. It keeps it simple. The focus is the art, the way it was created, rather than making it prettied up just for the sake of being prettier. However, you can easily bring colour to ASCII art. You will need:
  • your ASCII art picture (of course)
  • an HTML editor (or text editor with font and colour features)
  • a screen capture software
  • an HTML colour guide (not essential)
First, open the HTML editor. (I actually use Composer with Sea Monkey). Cut and paste your ASCII art into it. Make sure it shows right, change the font as necessary. You can even try a few fonts and see which gives you the look you prefer. My favourite is still FixedSys but Consolas comes in a close second. Next, highlight your ASCII art and use the HTML editor to colour the text. This is just what you would do if you were changing the colour of a text sentence, quote or paragraph in a written post. Any HTML or text editor that lets you change the font and colour of your text will work. If not, try another one, there are lots of good, free HTML and text editors. When your ASCII art is highlighted bring up your screen capture. (I use KSnapshot). Before you capture the image check the position of your cursor. Make sure it's not in the picture, literally. (I still do this once in a while and have to take a second screen capture to fix it). When you're ready, take the screen capture of the ASCII art and turn it into an image file. If you have a choice, the .png file tends to give best results. That's it! Of course this makes the image all one colour. If you want to make the image a light colour, change to a dark background colour. You can spend time and effort on doing more. I don't usually. I like to keep it simple and not spend more time colouring the ASCII art than I did in creating it.

ASCII computersAn emoticon is a terrible thing to waste.

Emoticons (aka smileys) are fun, easy and add a lightness to any email or forum posts. When you want to add emotion, feelings or mood to your typed words you can just slip in an emoticon. :) They're so simple to make, to remember and no-fuss. Of course, some times we use a few too many. Sometimes we forget we aren't typing a personal email and send an emoticon to the wrong person. Sometimes we send emoticons to people who just don't like cute little text smileys. Then, there are the times we look back at the email we just sent and notice how many of those smileys are in there. Too much of a good thing is still too much of a good thing. If you find yourself overindulging in emoticons - start cutting back.

Are you an Emoticon Use Abuser?

Not sure how many emoticons are too many? Ask the people you send your email to. Ask the people who read your posts on forums. (If you use an emoticon with every sentence you type - that's really too much). You find you also type a lot of other Internet shorthand, like LOL and ROFL. Consider why you use so many smileys. Do you really need to explain or emphasize everything you write? Chances are the smileys have become a habit and you've forgotten how much simpler and uncluttered your text could be without them.

How to Control your Emoticon/ Smiley Addiction

Stop using smileys in emails or forums where you don't know everyone well. Friends are more likely to enjoy the more personal styled communication. Skip the smiley and actually write about your feelings and thoughts. Don't leave people guessing or making assumptions. You may even find yourself connecting much better with people once you stop relying on smiley faces to tell them how you feel. Instead of finding new and creative smileys to use, stick with just a few and use them sparingly. Standard emoticons like :) :D and :P should be plenty. Plus, these are standard enough for the average person to know rather than needing a special education on emoticons. Replace the emoticons with something else. Go back to punctuation like exclamations points, question marks and dashes. But, don't over use these either. One per sentence is enough. Avoid emoticons and smileys when you have to write (or reply to) an email with any kind of bad news or a review of a person, product or service. You need to be professional at times like this and emoticons will not give that professional, competent impression of you. One way to really stop yourself from over using emoticons is to remove them as a type of Internet shorthand. When you type a smiley follow it with a description in brackets. For instance :) (smile face). This will slow you down and help you see just how often you really are using emoticons.
ASCII artistBest viewed in a fixed width font. My favourite are FixedSys or Consolas. The ASCII art gallery files open as plain text (.txt files). If you can't see them (if they look messed up) change the font you are viewing them with. Please respect the artist. Leave the artist credit, initials (mine are ldb), on each of the images. Thank you, enjoy the ASCII art.
Emoticon: Description: :-) or :) Smile ;-) or ;) Wink :-D or :D Big smile :-)) or :)) Very happy :0) Big nose smiley |-) Cool! B-) or B) Evil grin >:-) or >:) Another evil grin >:-> or >:> Yet another evil grin >;-> or >;> Evil grin with a wink :-X or :X I'm not telling (my lips are sealed) }:-) or }:) Develish ;} Devilish wink and smile 3;-} Devil :-^) or :^) Tongue in cheek :-P or :P Sticking out tongue :-& or :& Tongue tied :oþ or :þ Showin' tongue :oÞ Puppy face 0:-) or 0:) Saint :-)8 or :)8 Happy wearing a bow tie 8-) or 8) Happy with glasses #-) I partied all night %-) or %) Drunk :*) Much to drink %*} Too much to drink :-###.. or :###.. Being sick %-( or %( Confused :-0 or :0 Shocked :-o or :o Surprised 8-o or 8o Oh my God! :-| or :| Indecision :'-( or :'( Crying :'-) or :') Crying of happiness :-( or :( Sad :-{ or :{ Sad :'( Sad >:-( or >:( Sadder :-{) Smiley face with mustache [:-) or [:) Wearing headphones 8:-) Person wearing glasses on head 8:-) Little girl =Q or :-Q Smoking { :-~[] Smoking :-$ or :$ Put your money where your mouth is. 8-@ Aaaaahhhh ! :-@ The scream (:-) No Hair (8-) No Hair Persons: Description: ~(_:(l) Simpson, Homer (_8^(|) Simpson, Homer 888888888:-) Simpson, Marge @@@@@@@@@:-) Simpson, Marge :~.) Crawford, Cindy =:-) Cyberpunk C:> or D:> MS-DOS Programmer <|-) Chinese >8=[ ... Alien / Marsian >8=§~ Alien / Marsian +<= Gospel Users +O:-) I'm the Pope <]:^) A clown @<}:-{'}}} Santa Clause' By Biostar *<||:o) o o o Santa { :-~[] Smoker @:-§ Russian Folk Dancer :[~ Vampire =):-) Abraham Lincoln '8^) Dilbert <|:~, A Witch 8(:-) Mickey Mouse d:) Baseball dude <:o) Just a plain old happy face >:o) Just a plain old happy face B*) or B{ ) Glasses and Mustache :-{)> or :{)> Smile with a beard and mustache =-( + or =(+ Mourning for lost one 8D or 8-D Really Happy ?8 -) or ?8 ) Confused $ -) Stoned $ -Q Smoking pot :-)~ or :)~ Happy face sticking out tongue O>) Cyclops :-* Kiss :**: Kiss on mouth .-) Person who can smile even though he's lost an eye. :------) Person with really long nose. :p or :-p Giving a raspberry &=) Elvis E&= or =8> Bad hair day =:-( or =:( Bad hair day #*:-) or #*:) Bad hair day ¤¿¤ im just looking :--) > gottee ==:oB or =:-B Easter Bunny with big teeth =-1 or =1 Thinking B-, Nerd I-{> or I{> mustache & beard d:) with cap {:-) lincoln :^" I'd like to give you a kiss >:-@ mad as hell (you don't have any showing anger) >:-@#*% mad as hell (you don't have any showing anger) :-{} too much lipstick :~( crying :~~( Crying ~..~ frowny face :-)) or :o)) smile with a double chin :^J Smirk :^D or :-D Goofy Grin :-p #$%& Being sick :p #$%& Being sick :-( or : { Worried :-P~~~~~~~~~ Raspberries ¦¬] or ¦] Satisfaction (^_^) Japanese smiley face |-) or |) Sleeping (aka "cool") 5:-) Elvis @;^) Elvis ?: ) or ?: | Elvis by Nick.Brown *(:{) My Santa By Cheri Scott :-)= or :)= Rabbit teeth :::) or 88) An anlien and his alien dog :)~:-)~ Guy with one eyebrow and a goat >:-] or >:] Devil =O) Hello ¦O) Sweet Dreams :8) or 8) Pig smiling 8D Surprised }:-U or }:U Complaining (}{}>:-( Nuclear madness -=) or -:) Punker : D{ Mustache :-{)> or :{)> Smiley face with goatee :>) Nosey/Nosie :-)~ or : )~ My Tongue's Wagging :+))) smiley with double chin (o:F Rudolph q(:^)) (*) ( *) (*)B Frosty :-P~~~~~~~~~~ Sticking out tongue, Big time {} {} {} {} Kisses (_!_) symbol for an ass (_ ! _) symbol for a bigger ass (_I_) kiss my ass X-Rated: Description: //(.)(.) Arms and breasts :) <=8 Guy with a hard on :^)---'< Guy in bed with erotic fantasy :-)---< Male with erection or feeling horney :-(--/< Male with lost erection or feeling impotent 8====> Male Genitalia 0====8 Male Genitalia _/*/_ Pussy
ASCII ART - One Line Figures Description: Figure: Angel ^i^ Heart <3 Eyes «»«» Looking at you ô¿ô Chinese ^_^ Like an Egyptian - or - Dance baby Dance! O-Z--< Simple person O-<-< Male Figure (:-o)-(O):= Boy riding skateboard O-|-<]: Female Figure (:-o)-(8)>= Sexy Lady :-)-8<-< Sexy Lady :)B<-< I'm fat :)~< Froggie 01 :O Froggie 02 8O Kitty cat =^..^= Koala @( * O * )@ Loch Ness monster _mmmP Mouse <:3 )~~~~ Rat (to the left) <^__)~ Rat (to the right) ~(__^> Scorpion (Anorexic) c---I-I-I-I{ Description: Figure: By: Cigarette ()__________))))____) Cup of coffee c[] Cup of coffee [_]3 Cyber Smoke _______~~~~ Eight ball side pocket (8)------(]######### Glasses -@-@- Glasses ~@@~ Konrad Roeder Pie fight ---=======[} Rose 01 @-`-,-- Rose 02 @-}-- Rose 03 @}}>----- Rose 04 @)}---^----- Rose 05 @----d------ Rose 06 @->-->--- Rose 07 --------{----(@) Rose 08 --------{---(@ ASCII Art One Liners
The notice about Lorraine Carrington's death appeared on my ASCII art newsfeed. I almost didn't look at the clip, there wasn't an image and, often, completely irrelevant content comes up on the feed. This time I did look and I was sorry to find out the woman I have only known as lc (her ASCII artist initials) is gone. I don't know if she has more art in a personal collection. I have only known about her page, which is not so easy to access. I used the Wayback Machine. The ASCII art didn't work the first time I tried it but it is now. Have a look!
Lorraine Carrington, age 69, passed away Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2013, at Albany Medical Center, following a long illness. Lorraine was born April 8, 1943, in Bennington, Vt., the daughter of the late Henry and Alberta (Batease) Haskins. She was a member of DAR in Cambridge. She enjoyed the rewards and challenges provided by delving into geneology. Lorraine was also proud of her Native American heritage. Her artistic side included crocheting and crafts of any kind. She was also very into ASCII art. She worked as a legal secretary for her husband for many years.
Read the full news report.

I found this on Amazon today. It's a German language book for Alice in Wonderland. I like the text art which was used for the book cover.