This typewriter artist was, Elena Polunina, before she married the famous chemist, Piotr Rehbinder (Soviet chemist and physicist, 1898-1972). These are from the diaries of "Elena Evgenʹevny Rehbinderm", her typewriter created "drawings" from the 1930's. This information and the images are from a post on Facebook.
I don't know why my mind has wandered into goldfish being something to post for the new year. But, it has. Here are some goldfish. Two are mine, one is from my early days with ASCII art.
Update: I've been added as a contributor to the project on GitHub. With a link to my site. I'm happy with that.  This is my original. The copy below is nicely decorated, in colour. But, there are no artist initials. I just went through and deleted all my art from Zazzle, all but closed up shop there, due to stolen art on the web. So much of it, without a link back to me,  without any credit for the original artist. People still assume any ASCII art is there for the taking. Wrong! This script created with my ASCII Art Christmas tree has been downloaded 179 times in the last month. It is a project on Github. I would think people working in open source would give credit to people who have done the work. In the past, I have given permission to people who wanted to use my art.  Mostly because they asked. No one has asked in a long time. They just take.
Thinking about this and that today. I used to belong to a modern spinster group online. Not sure what happened to it. But, I liked this slogan I found while looking for the old group today. "Spinster? I prefer hopeless romantic".
Source: Emoticon Dictionary - Gomotes I had not thought about fonts from other languages being used to create emoticons. This screen capture about Arabic emoticons was the only real information I could find on my first search. There must be more, but, chances are it won't be in English so it won't turn up in my search (using the English language).