Posting ASCII Art as a Web Gallery

ASCII previewASCII artistWhich image shows the ASCII art better? One is a screen capture of ASCII art I posted as text to a blog. To display it as text rather than an image file (png, jpg or gif) I have to be satisfied with those lines running through it and the gaps too. I don’t like it, but so far it’s the best solution I have found to the problem of displaying text in an HTML world. I prefer using screen capture to display the ASCII art so it can show as I created it, in the text file.

Likely this is getting confusing for anyone who has not had the problem of making ASCII art work to be shown on the Internet.

I used to post ASCII art to HubPages and other online sites. I seldom do now because several people were leaving comments about the images being posted as an image file instead of as a text file (which they could grab with cut and paste – using without permission or assuming ASCII art is all free to take).

Well, I had set it up to display as an image gallery, just like photos, paintings and so on. The artist does not bring paint cans to the gallery and try to recreate all his or her work for the display. I see the ASCII art the same way.

Mainly, it is very difficult to get the ASCII art to display in plain text. Each site uses different software, HTML code and fonts. Every time I want to post ASCII art as text I would have to figure out how it will work on each individual site and sections on the site itself could be different. I did find some things which worked, sort of.

For blogs I found a plugin which displays the text in the right format but, it leaves it choppy looking, with bare lines between. I don’t like the look of it – but it is the best I have found so far.  I’m still using it on this blog and my other blogs if I post a few ASCII art pictures I find on the web.

At this point I am done with trying to post text files anywhere online but in an actual text file which can be a clickable link from the HTML web page. Keep it simple.

If people want to complain they can go ahead and do so. But, no one should complain without offering me a solution to the problem of posting text in an HTML environment. If you don’t have a real solution, you should not complain about the solution I have found.

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