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I have been making ASCII art since 1997/ 1998. Its like a puzzle, fitting the text together to make an image, something recognizable. There are limitations to work with. Fonts need to be fixedsys, or some other monotype font. Working in Notepad is the easiest way. Plus its easy to find and free to use. I have written guides/ tutorials for making ASCII art. You don't need an ASCII art generator, that's just scanning an image, not making something yourself. Create something of your own, something new.

My art has been published in print magazines, zines, and used in a few text based games. Mistigris has coloured some of my ASCII work and included it in art packs. I'm working on colouring more of it myself. It just takes time and patience.

I tried selling ASCII art online but it just kept getting stolen, which is very discouraging. I'd like to try selling ASCII art greeting cards, bookmarks, calendars and other such ephemera. There are a lot of events and holidays not covered by standard greeting cards so there is room for more. That's my theory and I'm sticking to it!

I'm available on Twitter and you can see my other interests at
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