New Software, Same Domain

This site is moving out of WordPress. I will be leaving WP up for the link directory I have created with the Link Library plugin and one or two other links, like the ASCII Artist’s Campaign (to avoid broken links from other sites). Just letting you know. If you come to the domain the new link will be right there, probably by tomorrow. If you have linked here please change it to the domain or adjust to using which I have begun moving the site to with b2evolution.

Happy Hanukkah 2018

Last year when I talked to a friend (Lindsay) about making ASCII art Christmas cards she asked if I had made anything for people who are Jewish and celebrating the holidays. I’m neither Jewish or Christian so I don’t make religious art very often. Lindsay said it was hard to find holiday/ seasonal greeting cards for other religions and cultures. What a shame. So, here I am, trying to make ASCII art for Hanukkah.

My first attempt was almost an error due to lack of knowledge. Luckily, I checked more illustrations for details. The first I found was on a t-shirt. But, it did not have enough candles in the menorah. There should be nine, I only had seven.

The dreidels were difficult. I started them twice before flipping the plan and starting from the bottom instead of the top. I hope they look right, or recognizable at least. I wanted to add the symbols but they didn’t fit well. Another year I might try making them bigger so I would have space to create the symbols in the centre.

Snowflake for 2018

A new snowflake, inspired by a necklace I noticed online tonight. It started out as a simple pattern with the branches like a Y and a six sided shape in the middle. I wanted to make it look better balanced.