Gojira in ASCII Art

I want to make my own Godzilla (Gojira) in ASCII art. I’ve found a few other ASCII Godzillas and I have some Godzilla images for reference and inspiration. Of course, I’m already thinking small. There is probably some deep psychological reason for always planning a small image. But, does anyone really want to spend time on that? Not I.

Here is the ASCII art I have found so far. (I may have already posted them. I have had the idea for awhile). The first ASCII is my favourite and pretty much how I want my own to turn out. But, it’s using the Japanese font so I’m still going to have the problem of those plates/ ridges on the back.  With ASCII art dragons I’ve just made a few triangle shapes – skipping the issue of anything elaborate. Not so with Godzilla.

Here are the images. Most of them are chibi (I may not be remembering the spelling right).

I like the last one for most of the features but the knees are odd looking and the feet are too big for how I see it in my own head. I want to keep it to the original Japanese gojira. That’s the image of Godzilla I always think of first.

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