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These files are here to be viewed, not taken.

Please, do not take or use my ASCII art without permission. It is not intended as a free download, screen capture, or cut and paste. It is not here to be sold, or used in any commercial way, by someone other than myself. Viewing only. Mistigris has permission.

Respect ASCII Artists Campaign.

animalascii.txt11.56 KB10-31-2018
asciigreetings.txt5.36 KB10-31-2018
autumnascii.txt1.35 KB10-31-2018
buildingsascii.txt2.66 KB10-31-2018
canadianascii.txt2.37 KB10-31-2018
christmasascii.txt16.85 KB10-31-2018
communicationsascii.txt1.19 KB10-31-2018
dragonascii.txt9.85 KB10-31-2018
fantasyascii.txt5.87 KB10-31-2018
floralascii.txt2.67 KB10-31-2018
foodascii.txt934 B10-31-2018
halloweenascii.txt10.04 KB10-31-2018
hobbiescraftsascii.txt3.78 KB10-31-2018
insectbugascii.txt1.89 KB10-31-2018
landscapeascii.txt2.73 KB10-31-2018
mischolidayascii.txt7.66 KB02-17-2019
paganascii.txt682 B10-31-2018
peopleascii.txt4.17 KB10-31-2018
remembranceascii.txt1.58 KB11-11-2018
sciencefictionascii.txt3.82 KB10-31-2018
springascii.txt865 B10-31-2018
stpatricksdayascii.txt1.16 KB10-31-2018
summerascii.txt739 B10-31-2018
technologyascii.txt1.18 KB10-31-2018
transportationtravelascii.txt4.87 KB10-31-2018
valentineascii.txt2.81 KB10-31-2018
winterascii.txt1.94 KB10-31-2018

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