ASCII Rabbit

.I : /-.
II : /'II'
II. /'II'
III ` /' II'
iII : /' II'
III _/' III'
.--~ ` i
" l : `:
.' a ) :
/ .-- :
.'__ :
://~. .'
_==: / === .'
"".---.____________/ ~-``--' ;__ .'
" .:' : `---'mmm`.___.'
"=:' `. mMMMMMMMm ;
: MMM1996MM :

I don’t know who created this. Looks like it wasn’t quite finished. Found on a site with ASCII art – artist initials removed on all of them.

Art Theft at Second Life

This is my original wedding ASCII art, from my ASCII art gallery – ldb ASCII Art

My ASCII art stolen (with my artist initials removed and not even so little as a ┬álink back to me) and stolen by someone who doesn’t even know how to make it look right. I happened to find this by chance tonight. I was updating and searched Google for wedding ASCII art just out of┬ácuriousity. When I noticed my own wedding ASCII art (art I made for MY OWN WEDDING!!) I know I had never done it with a black background. I looked at the source and there it is, available for sale for $25!!! How nice of her!!!! I tracked down the woman from a link on her Second Life profile and I sent her a note via her own website, Nikki Lynn Design.