Prompt for December 5 | Project Reverb

Challenge: Did you take on a new challenge?  What was it?  Is there are challenge you deliberately avoided?  What do you want to do to challenge yourself in 2014?

via Prompt for December 5 | Project Reverb.

I took up the challenge of making more ASCII art. I have finished a couple of smaller projects, one for a print magazine which didn’t pay after offering $100. Disappointing about the money, more because I would have been a paid ASCII artist, a rare thing.

Next up is creating ASCII art backgrounds for a game. I had planned to have more done, but I’ve at least started. It’s due January sometime.

I need some new challenges. I’ve nearly abandoned most of my sites, even those I really care about and have great ideas for. I need to find new life for them. Hopefully I’ll come up with something that works for me again.

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