A Shark for Rob Stewart

I’ve been working on a shark for awhile. It was difficult to get the curves and straights to flow into each other and not having it look more like a dolphin than a shark. I like this as an end result. Perfect? No, but its pretty good. A tribute to our Canadian filmmaker, Rob Stewart.

Sharkwater Extinction – Rob Stewart

Betta Siamese Fighting Fish

I didn’t find more than one betta fish group in Canada when I was fixing up the category at Curlie. But, it inspired me to create a betta fish in ASCII art. We used to have them when I was a kid. They looked so sad (near death) in the pet stores. They didn’t live to an old age in our fish tank but at least they had more fish for company and they looked a lot healthier.

The Start of an ASCII Raccoon

I started working on a raccoon but I’ve only had his head done for a long time. I got impatient and went looking to see what others have done. So this raccoon is a combination of my own head and the bodies of two other ASCII raccoons. Credit given with the initials.

I am going to start from scratch for my own raccoon. At least I didn’t leave this guy headless!