Find ASCII Art Online

It’s funny that ASCII art is still around, still popular at holidays. I started making ASCII art in 1998. I was active in the newsgroup for ASCII art then. The downfall that turned ASCII art from trendy to retro started with HTML email. It became tricky to send an email in plain ASCII text. For awhile people just used plain text, those who held on to their simple email that didn’t need graphics and scripts. Now you have to ask for plain text, if it’s even an option. I don’t think people realize all that HTML costs them bandwidth and adds to the cost of the Internet they use.

Anyway, I started making my own ASCII art again. I’ve kept most of the old art I made. A few got lost along the way. Today I found a ship in the bottle which I had forgotten about. It was on another site. Still had my initials, my artist credit with it. Nice to find it with those.

Here is a list of places you can still find collections of ASCII art, done by various artists at various times. For an updated list check my links.

The ASCII Art Dictionary

ASCII Picture Collections

Heart and Soul ASCII Art Gallery

Christopher Johnson’s ASCII Art Collection



Sunny Spot Gallery

ASCII Mailer – Send an ASCII art picture in email.