Happy Pre-Christmas Ween

Christmas gets pushed earlier and earlier every year, according to the commercial calendar. Now Christmas starts before Halloween even. When will marketing go too far? Why do we let it have so much power? These are the things I wonder as I try not to look at the Christmas decorations right beside the Halloween candy in the store.

A Different ASCII Calendar

This would make the job of the calendar itself much easier but, how useful is it? Maybe it doesn’t matter these days with most people having mobile phones. I do think this is the style I could work with to create an ASCII art calendar for each month. It’s an idea I’ve had on the back burner for awhile.

Source: Calendar 2012 on Behance

Another ASCII Art Calendar 

Found on Twitter.

This one may be smaller which would work better for me. Most of my art is small. I could look at zine formats and figure out how to make it work to print each month on a quarter of a standard page size so the whole thing could be printed on three pages, then cut and put together. It would be ‘some assembly required’ but it would work.

ASCII Art Calendar (2005)

I thought I had posted this before but I don’t see it. I’d like to make an ASCII art calendar. Put together 12 seasonal images and format them for pdf (or other printer ready file types) or something else plain text which could be distributed easily without breaking the ASCII. Most likely it would have to be image files rather than text. Once upon a time ASCII text files would have worked. Those days are gone.