ASCII Art Avatars

I got the idea to make ASCII art avatars today. But, so far I’ve found it harder than expected. To give me room to add features I would need to make them bigger. I usually make small things. Here are two I made from my original ASCII girl avatar. (A nurse and a librarian or school teacher).

But, I couldn’t make any changes to her face, like adding eyeglasses. If she were horizontal the 8 would be great but… she isn’t. So back to the drawing board on the avatar idea.

CeeJay’s Taxi

Found on the Wayback Machine these days, originally CeeJay Central.

This was my very first ascii with a story line. It’s titled “TAXI!” and is about a guy who can’t get a cab.

This ascii contain some extended-ascii characters so it’s not pure ascii-art. But please remember that i had only been ascii’ing for 2 hours when i did it and was still very much a newbie.

To fully understand it you need to know that most textdisplay can only show 80 characters on one line – Try opening a dosprompt and see for yourself.

Creating Keyboard Animals in Three Lines

Original source: Keyboard Animals! | Funny Keyboard Faces and Characters

I’m sure you’ve seen these little animals here and there online.

How many little ASCII art animals can you create with the basic pattern used for these? Give it a try. Add different characters for ears, beaks, tails… see what works.  (Stick to ASCII characters).

I made these (below). They got better as I went along. I found it easier to stick to the three lines by planning a head, body, and feet in each line. But, breaking the plan worked okay too.