An ASCII Art Photo Booth

Receipt Bot is an ASCII art photo booth that prints on receipt paper. Each bot comes with different coloured eyes – red, blue or green. You walk up to it and press the big button, and when you do, its eyes flash like crazy and it prints out your face, ASCII-fied on a receipt.

via My side project is an ASCII art photo booth | Web design | Creative Bloq.

Claddagh Ring by Ricksonjewellery

via – Claddagh Ring With or Without a stone by Ricksonjewellery.

I like this update on the Claddagh design. I wanted to make a Claddagh with ASCII art and may use the hands in this way. Much easier than showing all the fingers (hard to get narrow lines that close together unless I make the Claddagh in a pretty large size). I found a crown on another Claddagh which I like too, a vintage ring I posted to Pinterest.

Blue Intricate Snowflake Ornament

Debbie Travis Large Blue Intricate Snowflake Ornament.

I really like the design of this snowflake ornament. Snowflakes are tricky to work out in ASCII art. It’s very difficult to keep all the stems of the flake the same from top to bottom and even left to right when there are six stems meant to be identical.

I’d like to take this on as a project, but it is something which will need a lot of patience.