On the Origin of Emoji

Lucas provides a brief history of emoji’s predecessors, all the way from ornamental characters in the hand-executed typesetting of early-16th-century printed books to the many symbols of digital type. His journey touches upon the evolution of the dingbat and the emergence of emoticons, the punctuation-based kaomoji, ASCII art, and even expressive punctuation such as the ironieteken — conceived to denote ironic statements — and late 16th-century English printer Henry Denham’s proposed percontation point — to mark rhetorical questions.

Source: On the Origin of Emoji

Tiny Collections of Emojis on Twitter

I’ve begun to see collections of emoji art on Twitter. All in the theme of tiny something. So far, my favourite are the tiny cityscapes.

I think it began with tiny star fields. Others have given tiny star fields credit for their own inspiration.
Source: ⋆✵tiny star fields✵⋆ (@tiny_star_field) | Twitter

Did Emojis Really Descend from Wingdings and not Emoticons?

I’ve assumed emojis came from emoticons, the ASCII text smileys. But, I’ve got a new theory now.

Did emojis really start as wingding/ webding fonts and evolve into their current versions, dragging along the yellow smiley along the way?

I don’t see how emojis have much in common with the emoticons. An emoji is far more an image than a smiley.

What do you think?