ASCII Train Posted without Linkback

I noticed my ASCII art train posted to this site while I was looking to see if anyone else has posted ASCII art for the New Year, 2015. I sent a note to the site owner because the train is posted without a link back to my site or even the site where the image was found and is still linked to for downloading. Not good to steal bandwidth. Also, the source site is a friend of mine. I wrote a post for her and added my ASCII as images for illustration with the post. I did not give them away for anyone to upload and offer them as free. I think people still don’t really understand copyrights online.

I don’t mind the ASCII art being displayed on another site. Not so keen on having it offered for distribution as freeware. It isn’t freeware, it isn’t free really, other than free to look at. I think it is fair to expect a linkback along with the ASCII art image. I don’t think that is asking or expecting too much. Of course, I feel especially strong about this depending on how the site uses the ASCII art. If a commercial/ business site uses ASCII art they should track down the artist and offer to pay for the art. I have more leeway with personal sites.

Anyway, will see what happens in this case. I sent a note, tried to write with all the details. If you look at the site the information about copyrights and asking for your art to be removed makes it seem they are holding the art hostage and expect the artist to do everything they ask (as they ask) just to hear back from them. I don’t know if they meant it to sound that way, but that was how I felt as I read it. (See below).

Copyrights have never been a simple thing online. I see the issues as both a web publisher and someone who creates original content which gets stolen, borrowed and so on. Kind of a good thing to have more than one point of view about it all in one head.