Daffodil Day: Canadian Cancer Society – Have an ASCII Text Art Daffodil

Fight Back for Daffodil Day April 27th is Daffodil Day for the Canadian Cancer Society. I couldn’t find a daffodil to pin to my lapel (shirt, purse, etc) in time so I decided to create a post with daffodil ASCII art in honour of the day and in the spirit of fighting back (which is the slogan for the Canadian Cancer Society). #WearADaffodil#DaffodilMonth – Twitter hashtags.

Dedicated to My Grandmother

Everyone has someone in particular they think about when it comes to cancer. In my case, I think of my Grandmother who battled breast cancer for several years before she passed away from the cancer which had spread around quite a bit more by the time she died. In her fight against breast cancer she had a double mastectomy and learned how to be a pretty good swimmer for a little, old Irish lady. She would exercise every day, even after surgery and cancer treatments when other people (having the same treatments) could hardly make themselves move. Her Doctor said her determination to move and exercise was a big benefit to her body and did help her fight the cancer and keep living longer. She made her body stronger. She lived long enough to almost outlive all her other sisters. She lived long enough for me to get married, even though she wasn’t able to attend. She lived long enough to get to know all four of her grandchildren and one of her great-grandchildren, Zack. She lived long enough to experience a lot of pain, fear and to teach us all how to face the end of your life and do it as well as you can. I’m very proud of my Grandmother and I miss her a lot. Her name was Violet. Her nickname was Pepper but I wasn’t allowed to call her that. I was just a kid. It wasn’t respectable to have your grandchildren calling you by a nickname. :)]]>

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