Stealing Code

this site, selling embroidered goods. I like the colours and the three column layout and things are placed well in the design too. So I copied the code and took a screen capture so I can try to emulate it myself. Maybe I won’t even use the code, just the screen capture as a guide. But, I wondered how much of doing what I’ve just done is ‘legal’ or ethical? It’s a question for lawyers in part. Mainly, for me, it’s what I think is ok to do, where I draw the line. Copyrights is an interesting issue. When you first look at it, it seems kind of bland and dull. Then consider all the angles, all the ways we break copyrights everyday and all the different things which can be copyrighted. It may not seem to have any effect on your life, but it does. Especially if you create any kind of content on the web. How would you really feel if something you wrote, drew or sang, etc. appeared somewhere else, taken by someone and presented as if it were there own? Sometimes I think so what. But, it does but me too. I’ve had some of my ASCII Art stolen and been claimed to be created by someone else. It’s annoying to read someone else congratulate them for a great piece of work, when it’s my work. Anyway, that’s the blab for the day.]]>

2 thoughts on “Stealing Code”

  1. I’ve seen that layout before.
    You are copying a layout not the site content.
    And even if you didn’t copy the code you could eventually create it on your own site anyways.
    So Pffffft to code copyright.

    BTW, is hosting the wordpress blogs for free. You don’t have to get a webhost to host wordpress for you. You just sign up like you would for Blogger or some uppity people do for Blogsome..

  2. I struggle with this concept somewhat too, but I have to admit, since I’m not an artist nor have I gone to school for design, I’ve often had to resort to taking someone else’s idea and fine-tuning it for what I need it for. BUT I never take credit for it. If I get a compliment on it, I usually say, “Thanks, but I got the idea from…” (e.g., H&B’s picture idea)

    I truly believe there are just about no original ideas out there, just a redesign of something from before. Even if you don’t do it consciously, something you’ve seen in your past that’s been sitting dorment in your memory, could trigger your creative juices now.

    The line I draw is if there is a profit involved or if it’s gonna be widely seen. For something simple like a one-time only graphic, like this one I made for a speech my boss was gonna give, my conscience doesn’t bother me too much.


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