Trying to Block Content Takers?

I’m Just a Big Fish in a Big Pond, about having your content stolen and what you can do to try blocking this. There really isn’t all that much you can do. People block right clicking on their blog to try keeping anyone from saving their graphics. But this doesn’t really work. You can save the files in other ways. What it does stop are people who might have been trying to open a link on your site in a new window. Or, people who were trying to get a linkback to you.

I’ve been online a long time. Someone will always steal your work, art, drawing or writing. If you block them in one way they just find another. You either blog for the pleasure of being creative or you don’t. I could spend time on what has been stolen or I could just get on with my life. I learned that the hard way in 1998 when my ASCII art was being taken and another woman claimed she had made them all. There isn’t anything you can really do that makes one bit of difference. I’m not rich enough for lawyers and I don’t have all the free time to put into doing anything myself.
That blog above linked to Swollen Pickle writing about ideas for blocking hotlinkers, people who take your image by linking to it from your site. Thus they siphon off some of your bandwidth, your hosting space available. If you are using a lot of your bandwidth you would notice this quickly and might get an extra bill from your web hosting company. That is why people get angry about hotlinking. The article suggests ways to change your site’s code and stop the hotlinkers. I don’t see this as your best option. Here is what I posted:
If you host your own images for other sites that code won’t help you. You will be causing your own site to lose images as well as any hotlinkers. It is easier to just move your images. Every now and then change your image location from to and then back again in another few months. Just keep track of where you have put your images on other sites so you can change them there too. Of course, if it is a site you no longer use it doesn’t really matter.

2 thoughts on “Trying to Block Content Takers?”

  1. Laura — I find it so annoying when people steal images, especially a copy and paste job from Google. So I have learned to make up stupid words or letter combos to prevent images from getting into a search.

    However, upon blog visits, people will copy and paste anyways and like you stated, just move around the pictures so they get a broken link.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and your comments.

  2. Hi,
    If you host images for other sites then you just need to add them to the exception list. I covered that off in the post but you may have missed it.


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