Fireworks and Victoria Day (a Canadian Holiday Tradition) in ASCII Text Art

Victoria Day is, formally, the celebration of the birthday of Queen Victoria. But, it’s become a holiday to celebrate the start of the summer season. Canadians traditionally celebrate Victoria Day with fireworks.
Most of the ASCII art I can find for Victoria Day comes from the US Independence Day or Canada Day. This just shows how Victoria Day has become a forgotten holiday the farther back in history Queen Victoria gets. Some years we don’t do fireworks on Victoria Day ourselves.
There are more regulations about how and who can set off fireworks, plus they have just become too expensive or pretty unimpressive for the fireworks which don’t cost a lot. Kind of a sad commentary on an important lady, at least historically.
My own family doesn’t do much for Victoria Day any more. We got together for a BBQ for Mother’s Day last weekend. This weekend, the Victoria Day long weekend, I’m not planning anything special.
I might read in bed an extra hour or two. Queen Victoria might think that was an OK plan herself. But she probably would have had too much to do. A Queen with nine children is likely to have a full schedule year round and public performances on holidays especially.
Wikipedia: Victoria Day.

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