How Do you Make Emoticons (and Smileys)?

Emoticons, also known as smileys, are used to convey emotion in your writing. They are a great way to use text in an otherwise flat email. Emoticons can also show when you are teasing versus being serious. Making emoticons is as simple as typing anything else on your keyboard. Look down there at your fingers, find the characters, press and release. It’s not the act of typing emoticons which is difficult, of course. It’s knowing which characters to type in order to be understood. Some emoticons, like the basic smile face, have developed several different versions over the years. Some have a nose and some are shortened to a two character smiley, no nose included. (The nose has become optional). Text-Based Emoticons

:-)        Smiley face
:-(        Frown face
B-)        Cool
|-O        Yawn
:-D        Laughing
=D         Laughing out loud
:-B        Nerd
:-/        Perplexed
:-&        Tongue tied
:-J        Tongue in cheek
:-"        Whistling
:-O        Eek
:`(        Crying face
>-(        Annoyed
X-(        Angry
:->        Grin
X-P        Joking
:-|        Neutral
:-*        Kiss
:-P        Sticking out tongue
;-)        Winking
=)         Happy face
%-)        Confused
:-}        Embarrassed
8-O        Shocked
>:)        Evil
O:)        Angel
8-#        Zombie
@>--;--    A rose
%%-        Good luck
</3        Broken heart
<3         Heart
Sources for More Text-Based Emoticons Using Emoticons for Online Chat Online chat uses text emoticons and turns them into graphics. I find people who ask about how to make emoticons are not actually talking about making emoticons, but these graphics. Although they are based on the original text emoticons they display as graphics. Each chat (Yahoo, MSN, etc.) uses different emoticons and graphics. However, the basic smiley is still a smiley whether it comes with a big mouth, red cheeks or not. This article was originally posted to HubPages, August of 2014, my account there.]]>

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