Welcome Home ASCII Text Art

In my family, when someone comes home from a long trip away, we used to make huge ‘Welcome Home’ signs. Then there was cake, dinner and other fun stuff. The signs were a lot of fun to make and really nice to see when you walked in the door – if you were the one who was away. If you are homesick, the best thing I have found was to keep busy, stay active and keep meeting new people and trying new things where you are now. You can find other things to replace what you’re missing from home – at least when it comes to things like your favourite shampoo, your favourite chocolate bar or your favourite book store. It’s harder if you are missing people from home. Then you can’t do much except give them a phone call or send an email. See if you can find them online and chat that way too. “A smile is the universal welcome”. – Max Eastman]]>

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