Christmas Stocking in ASCII Text Art

What do you most like to find in your stocking on Christmas day? For me it’s the Christmas oranges. Not anything glamorous or expensive but we would get them every year. It would keep all the kids busy while the parents slept in a bit longer. Then my Mom would be up and everyone would begin to gather. Sometimes we had breakfast before we began opening presents. I think as the children became teenagers presents got opened later more often. But, with four kids in the family we had someone who was still young and a believer in Santa Claus for many years. One year I sewed and embroidered Christmas stockings (seven of them) for a group of men who don’t have much of a Christmas. My brother and sisters found things to fill the stockings. So far I have four fronts done. I thought I’d do all the decorating and then cut the backs and sew them all together last of all. Note: I originally posted this a few years ago. The stockings did get done and I took a photo of them all. I never heard much about them after that. I hope they were enjoyed, or at least cared about a little.]]>

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