Santa and Sleigh for Christmas in ASCII Text Art

They need some rooftops to be flying over. Otherwise they are just hanging in midair and you don’t get the feeling of them being in action. When you were a kid did you look out your window on Christmas Eve, wondering if you could catch sight of Santa and his sleigh? Did you listen (for as long as you could stay awake) for any sounds of footsteps on the roof? We were lucky enough to even have a fireplace and we did leave milk and cookies faithfully each holiday. Sometimes Santa would even take a break from his travels and leave a note for us. I grew up as the oldest of four kids. Soon I was the one helping my sisters to put out the Santa snacks, including a carrot for the reindeer. It was nice having younger siblings cause I never had to stop believing in Santa completely. This year, on Christmas Eve, take the time to listen for Santa Claus, this sleigh and the reindeer.]]>

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