The Mohawk Church in Ontario

Mohawk Church (sometimes called a chapel) is located in Ontario. It is the oldest, still standing, church in Ontario. People can visit the church but are not allowed to take photographs without written permission. I found photographs of the church online. But, I used an old illustration from the 1800’s to make my ASCII art of the church. It had a good angle to show more of it. The view from the front is nice but makes it look one dimensional. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to make this work, trying various ideas. None quite worked for the steeples/roof area of the church. If I had made the whole thing much larger, that would have made it easier in some ways and harder in others. Mostly, making it larger would have been frustrating to work with in MS Notepad. So, the Mohawk Church is as-is. Thin shapes are not easy to create with ASCII art, the lines don’t move. You can only fill each line with one character at a time. So a thin line, like a church steeple or a dragon’s tail, relies on the line above it or below it to have more characters to meet up close together to create a thin line. Try it yourself to understand. Mohawk Chruch, Ontario ]]>

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