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I started online in 1996, an IRC diva. It was a lot of fun. I had taken Corporate Communications at college, a two year course. The free style and creativity of web publishing appealed to me, long before weblogs became popular. In 1997 I first tried making ASCII art. I didn’t even know what it was called then but I had noticed people posting it online.  Like anything you begin learning, my early efforts were not great, but thanks partly to the people in the ASCII art newsgroup I stuck with it and got better.  (The archives are still available but the newsgroups are no longer very active). In 2010 I took up ASCII art again. This site was created (as an idea) during that time. But, I let the idea simmer while I decided what I really wanted to create and what I wanted to get back from it. I’ve been online long enough to know you can’t escape burn out if you don’t make sure you are getting something back for the passion you put into your work.

Please, do not take or use my ASCII art without permission. It is not intended as a free download, screen capture, or cut and paste. It is not here to be sold, or used in any commercial way. Viewing only. Mistigris has permission.

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About the ASCII Artist Blog:

Respect the artist, keep the initials (artist credit) with the art. I use ldb, my initials. I’ve been creating and posting my ASCII art since 1997/1998.

I do have text files with my own art. However, too many people choose to think ASCII art is public property, free of copyrights. It’s not, just like any art, photographs and illustrations.

Thank you, enjoy the ASCII art.]]>

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  1. Hi Laura !
    After using Ascii characters, Utf-8 has brought now a lot of new issues for Art Ascii, awaking… those yet used to play (and smile) with hand-made strings and programs, waiting for the bitmap times to come. And thanks for your site and your expert comments, I fully agree with!


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