I Like the Rain

rainy quote

I couldn’t find the original source for this quote. I found it on an old personal website, with the source as unknown.

“Sometimes you just need to feel the rain. Let it beat upon your face, cleanse your soul and free your spirit”. – Unknown.

Winter Barn ASCII Art

Winter Barn ASCII Art

I’ve saved the file of the winter barn before I add Christmas things to it. Late to be working on anything for Christmas now. But, it took awhile to make everything balance (a lot of counting lines and spaces) and then fix everything else once I had it balanced. I could have left it wonky, but out of respect to the early barn builders, I wanted to get it as right as I could.… Read the rest

A Little Queen

I haven’t made (or finished) anything new in awhile. This isn’t much but it makes me feel a tiny bit better to have something. A little ASCII art queen, with crown and sceptre.

A Little Queen

ASCII Art for Holidays and Events

ASCII art spikes in popularity around holidays, especially Christmas and Halloween. I’m an ASCII artist and I display my art and the work of others. I had the idea to group them by niche. Not a really new idea but it has given me some extra insight into how ASCII art is used and when people look for it online.… Read the rest

A Little More Fashionable

When you feel really backwards and out of sorts with yourself, its a good time to look for how-to guides for things you think you already know how to do. Or, to take your own advice and just do something differently.

This character is more fashionable than the old one I’ve been using, but she doesn’t still feel like me.… Read the rest