Clip Art Guide Application for

I’ve just applied for the Clip Art topic at It would be great to get in and start promoting clip art and getting more people making their own graphics and even drawing.

Here is what I sent for my application. If nothing else, I like to remember what I wrote. :

I tend to draw clip art rather than write about it.

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A Bit of Stuff


One line dragon ASCII art. I’m using it for my sig line at NeoPets.

“Language is a virus from outer space.” — William S. Burroughs
“Say everything as simply as possible, but no simpler.”

The purpose of words is to convey ideas. When the ideas are grasped, the
words are forgotten.
–Chuang Tzu

Words — so innocent and powerless as they are,
as standing in a dictionary,
how potent for good and evil they become
in the hands
of one who knows how to combine them.… Read the rest


I really do like my ASCII art. In some ways I like it even more than my writing and that says a lot. I love writing, the act of it especially. But, the ASCII art is something more. It is partially a skill I never thought I had and yet there it is right on the page in front of me, showing me how “Yes, you silly grrl, you can do it!”.… Read the rest

ASCII Art by Me

Just wondering how ASCII art will post in here. (It didn’t work). These are a couple of mine.

ASCII Art by MeASCII Art by Me

Why are there always weird little kinks when you post ASCII art in HTML versus using an image file. It is a lot easier to use an image file. I’ve tried but I have yet to find a reliable way to post them otherwise.… Read the rest