Finding the Fixed Sys Font

Once upon a time when I made ASCII Art, I was a great fan of the FixedSys font. It is a monospace font which works very well for illustrating with text. However, in my Windows Vista computer the FixedSys font is missing. I looked for it, tried other options, but was not happy. So I went online to see what people were writing about it.… Read the rest

Clip Art Guide Application for

I’ve just applied for the Clip Art topic at It would be great to get in and start promoting clip art and getting more people making their own graphics and even drawing.

Here is what I sent for my application. If nothing else, I like to remember what I wrote. :

I tend to draw clip art rather than write about it.

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I am a Deviant Artist

I joined up at DeviantArt. Looking around the site before now I thought I was way out of my element there. But, they do have some writing sections and, better still, an ASCII art gallery/ section.

I’m going to post some of my ASCII which I’ve made into image files and see what (if any) feedback I get.… Read the rest