Original Typewriter Art Books Archived Online

I found several (some I had not heard of before) books about and with typewriter art online, at the Internet Archive. They are a lot to look through and I’m glad someone else had the job of digitally preserving them, and I’m really glad they did!

Alan Riddell
Typewriter Art by Alan Riddell

Bob Neill
Bob Neill’s Book of Typewriter Art
Bob Neill’s Second Book of Typewriter Art

Julius Nelson
Artyping: Second Edition
Artyping: Third Edition
Stylebook for Typists
Typewriter Mystery Games

Winnifred Nichols
Fun with Basic Keyboard Graphics

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A Brief History of Typewriter Art

Bob Neill is Alive and Well: A Brief History of Typewriter Art – Original post by Andrew Belsey, 2002. The following is just a part of the post which you can read at the link.

The Constant Rediscovery of the Typewriter as an Artistic Medium
In the history of science there is the well-known phenomenon of
“simultaneous discovery,” when two or more scientists working
independently and without knowledge of each other come up with the
same idea or discovery at roughly the same time.

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