Happy Hanukkah in ASCII Art

I talked to a friend (Lindsay) about making ASCII art Christmas cards she asked if I had made anything for people who are Jewish and celebrating the holidays. I’m neither Jewish or Christian so I don’t make religious art very often. Lindsay said it was hard to find holiday/ seasonal greeting cards for other religions and cultures. What a shame. So, here I am, trying to make ASCII art for Hanukkah.

Happy Hanukkah in ASCII Art

My first attempt was almost an error due to lack of knowledge. Luckily, I checked more illustrations for details. The first I found was on a t-shirt. But, it did not have enough candles in the menorah. There should be nine, I only had seven.

The dreidels were difficult. I started them twice before flipping the plan and starting from the bottom instead of the top. I hope they look right, or recognizable at least. I wanted to add the symbols but they didn’t fit well. Another year I might try making them bigger so I would have space to create the symbols in the centre.

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