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Original Typewriter Art Books Archived Online

I found several (some I had not heard of before) books about and with typewriter art online, at the Internet Archive. They are a lot to look through and I’m glad someone else had the job of digitally preserving them, and I’m really glad they did!

Alan Riddell
Typewriter Art by Alan Riddell

Bob Neill
Bob Neill’s Book of Typewriter Art
Bob Neill’s Second Book of Typewriter Art

Julius Nelson
Artyping: Second Edition
Artyping: Third Edition
Stylebook for Typists
Typewriter Mystery Games

Winnifred Nichols
Fun with Basic Keyboard Graphics

George A.Read the rest

Season’s Greetings for 2020

This year has been a white Christmas for sure. It started snowing on Christmas Eve and has kept on snowing fairly steadily. Today is Boxing Day. First day of the next lockdown. It’s the year for wearing masks, staying sheltered indoors, and believing everything the media tells you.
Season's Greetings for 2020

Trying to Make the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)

I’ve been working on the Northern Lights (aurora borealis). But, it isn’t working out yet. This is not what I hoped for, not even close considering all the ideas I have tried. This is much smaller and overly simple than other ideas I have worked on. But, I’m ready for a break, fresh inspiration, or at least a chance to regroup.… Read the rest