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Christmas Wreaths in ASCII Text Art

Making the Christmas wreath is fun, there is so much you can do with them. I don’t just mean ASCII art wreaths. This year we made a wreath with gingerbread men created in felt, beads, embroidery and then stuffed and mounted on a big wire wreath. I have it lit up and sitting in the back window now.

An ASCII art wreath also has that endless mutability, just take an idea and go with it. The only limit is putting it onto a circular wreath shape. When making an ASCII art wreath you need to consider how you can make your shapes (from Christmas lights, gingerbread men or anything else) work on different levels, from different angels, on the wreath. You either keep all your shapes the same, exactly or you put in the extra work to figure out how to make them work. This is why most wreaths are kept simple. Making a nice, smooth circle in ASCII art is enough of a challenge!

Christmas Ornaments, Bells and Candles in ASCII Text Art

Decorating the Christmas tree is different every year, even if you have the same ornaments. They never go on in the same order or the same way each year.

It’s been awhile since people decorated the Christmas tree with candles. They turned out to be a pretty bad idea when it came to fire hazards. But they did look pretty. That’s why we started using electric lights instead.

I only have a couple of typical bells on my tree. My favourite are jingle bells and I do have far more of those than the traditional bell shaped bells. I even have a wreath made of jingle bells for the door. It would be far too heavy for the tree.

One thing I have a real assortment of are the Christmas balls. So many colours to choose from.

Gingerbread People in ASCII Text Art

When I smell molasses I think gingerbread and ginger snap cookies. I have gone down the aisle of the grocery store, in the baking section and picked up a container of molasses just to smell it. Usually, I have one around the house. I don’t know if they ever expire, they don’t last long enough for me to find out.

We made gingerbread people with an old cookie cutter my Grandmother had used when she made gingerbread people with my Mother. He had a pointed head, you almost never see that in modern gingerbread cookie cutters. I think it was a Santa hat, but I was never sure.

I’ve made a row of ASCII art gingerbread people. They were created a few years ago. Now they seem a bit stiff. I would do them differently if I made gingerbread ASCII art people again. For one, they would be simpler, a smoother look overall. I got into trying to show the icing I guess. Joan Stark has two bigger ASCII gingerbread men. I tend to make everything small, even when I’m not thinking to make them small.