Respect ASCII Artists Campaign

Respect ASCII Artists Campaign

Most ASCII artists will tag their ASCII creation with their initials. This is not just about signing your art, it shows the original artist.

If someone else colours or modifies the art in any way, the artist initials need to be kept with it. Anyone modifying art can include their initials (usually something like ldb/ you) and a note about what they had done to the original art. The original artist initials are left on the art, the initials of the person who modified it are added after the original artist.

If you can not find the original artist, or a link to them on a site or social media, include a link to the source where you found the art as something being better than nothing. This helps preserve and archive the art as well as giving the artist credit.

This is what the Respect ASCII Artists Campaign is about. Give respect to the original artist and leave their initials on the work.

Not all ASCII art is available freely. Don't assume it is there for anyone to take (copy and paste or screenshot). Ask to repost, modify, or otherwise use the ASCII art you find online. Don't sell art you do not own or did not fully create yourself.

The ribbon above is from the original Respect ASCII Artists Campaign. Started April 1998, by truffle.

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